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   * George goes to visit Morgan.  She's not at home, but his lordship invites us in   * George goes to visit Morgan.  She's not at home, but his lordship invites us in
   * He starts talking, although apparently dead, telling everyone that he must be stopped before he collapses, inanimate   * He starts talking, although apparently dead, telling everyone that he must be stopped before he collapses, inanimate
 +===== Part 3: =====
 +===== Part 4: Energy Release=====
 +  * Everyone but Mr White is in Ravi's room
 +  * The God Hecate is there
 +  * There is a massive drawing in of power to Morgan
 +  * Ravi tries to discover her hearts secret.
 +  * Sally Jones has gone missing - possibly in the fairy world
 +  * Mr White follows a relative of Lady Greensword, who happens to be a Nazi sorcerer.  He meets with a man wearing a wooden mask in a restaurant where they have a heated discussion.  The man in the mask gestures.  They talk about re-acquiring the woman.  Mr White follows the man in the mask
 +  * Achmed turns up at Ravi'​s ​
 +  * Lady Georgina asks Finnegan to contact the Ministry to activate an air raid siren in order to have the witch coven get together to find them  quickly.
 +  * Finnegan remotely triggers the siren with his machine made out of forks, redirecting the energy from the priestess
 +  * A handsome middle eastern man turns up - the mummy that now works for Bast
 +  * Ravi asks Kat if the mummy is trustworthy enough to have the priestess'​ magic shunted through him
 +  * Ravi channels the magic into Achmed -his eyes start glowing
 +  * The ground starts to be covered with creepy crawlies
 +  * Morgan'​s hair starts to move like snakes
 +  * Kat starts casting summon cats
 +  * Air raid sirens are heard by Mr White.  The man in the mask starts heading towards the same air raid shelter - underground station as was used by the witches earlier.  Mr White follows
 +  * A knife explodes
 +  * Ravi mentors Kat in mysteries to help her with the summon cats spell
 +  * This causes a distruption in the magic that was choking Kat
 +  * Achmed casts magic missile at the darkness
 +  * Georgina, Elizabeth and Istara turn up at the underground station - as does Mr White and the man in the mask.
 +  * George tries to convince the coven to stop following Morgan
 +  * The witches don't think they are giving energy to Morgan, and then one of them passes out
 +  * Istara starts taking them through the renouncing ​
 +  * While the witches are gathered in a circle listening to Istara, the man in the mask steps into the circle and begins to speak
 +  * Mr White guns him down.  A lot.  Then shoots a light shade from the roof in order to trap him.
 +  * Mr White asks if anyone knows how to get rid of this thing.  Elizabeth suggests turning it back on Morgan.
 +  * The witches reject Morgan and bind themselves to the Realm by praying and chanting in a bastardised ancient Celtic language
 +  * Ravi's house is full of smoke, fire, cats and creepy crawlies as well as energy flows
 +  * The cutlery has fused.  Repeat the cutlery has fused
 +  * Morgan and Achmed seem equally matched, but the sun is going down
 +  * There are masked figures at the windows
 +  * Ravi opens the karmic chakras of Achmed and Morgan
 +  * Kat, using the powers of Bast goddess of magic, helps shape the magic, moving the bad karma from Achmed to Morgan
 +  * Morgan collapses - and is bruised and battered
 +  * The masked people are in the room, picking up Morgan.
 +  * Ravi moves towards them, and they pay homage to him.  They back off.  Ravi argues to keep Morgan.
 +  * They back off.
 +  * The witches recover.  ​
 +  * The sound of planes and bombs falling starts
 +  * The masked man looks like a broken doll
 +  * George encouraged the most assertive witch to take charge and lead the chanting
 +  * Finnegan walks in
 +  * The masked thing pleads
 +  * Finnegan organises some men to come guard the thing, putting out the story that there is an unexploded bomb in the shelter, and they close it down.  For turning into a lab later
 +  * The all clear sounds
 +  * George offers her London house to Ravi and Istara while his house gets rebuilt
 +  * Finnegan has a bound demon
 +  * Achmed has changed and is lighter hearted now
 +  * Mr White hunts down the Nazi sorcerer
 +  * Morgan was very thoroughly post-mortem character assassinated
 +50s in America next - McCarthyism
 +How characters affected the world in this half century
  ​====== ======  ​====== ======

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