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 +====== The Trevelian Shard ======
 +|  Back to [[sessions]]|
 +**Setting:** Cairo
 +  * [[Alec Trevelian]] is talking to [[spirit:kitty_smithson|Kitty]]. Neither of them know how he got there.
 +  * [[Ravikiran Ifrit|Ravikiran]] meets Alec on the Astral Plane. Alec seems unable to disocciate the two locations. 
 +  * [[spirit:finnegan|Finnegan]] is sent to the hospital to provide consular support to a head injury victim with no next of kin. The body is that of Alec. 
 +  * Psychic predators are homing in on Alec's emanations - emanations Ravi says come from the Tunguska shard.
 +  * Alec's body awakens - with a new, demonic tenant.
 +  * Kitty and Ravi rush to reunite Alec's soul with his body, as Finnegan sets off in pursuit of the escaping demon.
 +  * A slow-speed chase as the Dark Spirit commandeers a milk van.
 +  * Ravi activates the chakras in Alec's body's feet, as Finnegan punches Alec's jaw.
 +  * The Tunguska Shard repels the Dark Spirit as Alec tries to regain control.
 +  * Tentacled monstrosities watch proceedings with interest.
 +===== Quotes =====
 +  * "If he uses my body to hit anything he'll realise how crap I am at fighting." (paraphrase)
 +|  Back to [[sessions]]|
 +{{tag>"session report" "episode 9"  egypt cairo tunguska_shard}}
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