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 +====== Ravikiran Ifrit and the Final Sentence ======
 +In the wilds of New Jersey lies a sprawling underground vault where Edison kept his mistakes. A group of [[dread fortune tellers]] seek mankind's final words, to ensure that they come to be spoken. [[spirit:ravikiran_ifrit|]] seeks to prevent them from taking the wax cylinder and seal it away. 
 +    * Aspect for Ravikiran: Knower of the last words
 +    * Aspect for Ravikiran: The future is unwritten
 +[[spirit:amberley_cambell|]] was hired as the way in and out of Jersey as a smuggler. Unfortunately the fortune tellers tracked down her ship, and a final battle for the cylinder is fought!
 +    * Aspect for Amberley: 
 +    * Aspect for Amberley:
 +[[Mr White]] was kidnapped by the Fortune Tellers to force him to translate the Final Sentence.  Ravikiran rescued him while stealing the cylinder.
 +    * Aspect for Mr White: I Will Never Be Captured Again! (the D'Argo Vow)
 +    * Aspect for Mr White: Reknowned linguist
 +{{tag>spirit novel Ravikiran_Ifrit amberley_cambell Mr_White}}
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