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 +====== Mr White versus The Red Claw ======
 +Tracking down a mafia-like asian gang that killed one of his parents, [[Mr White]] hunts them down and kills their leader.
 +    * Aspect for Mr White: Hunted by the Black Dragon
 +    * Aspect for Mr White: Unable to love (stabbed by [[The Dagger of Norn]])
 +Whilst in the mystic East to procure an elixir from the Red Claw, [[spirit:alec_trevelian|]] is kidnapped. He becomes hideously scarred and the Tunguska Shard melds with his face!
 +    * Aspect for Alec: 
 +    * Aspect for Alec: 
 +[[spirit:kitty_smithson|]] follows the story of the Tunguska Shard, and so Alec. She finds the location of the Red Claw and passes that information to Mr White to aid in his quest.
 +    * Aspect for Kitty: Call of the Weird 
 +    * Aspect for Kitty: Public or private interest? 
 +{{tag>spirit novel artifact Mr_White alec_trevelian kitty_smithson Black_Dragon The_Dagger_of_Norn, tunguska_shard}}
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