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 +====== Kitty Smithson and the Bone Cat of Troy ======
 +Travelling through Europe after the war, Kitty finds herself at the excavation of Troy. The Bone Cat - fragile, stylised, and worth a fortune - is stolen by a local worker. Kitty deduces the thief's identity, and chases him by train across the continent! She buys the Bone Cat for a small fortune, and the adventure is widely reported.
 +    * Aspect for Kitty: The Bone Cat of Troy
 +    * Aspect for Kitty: Impulsive
 +Having retireved the Bone Cat, Kitty encounters a Sikh Mystic, attracted by the mystic energies of the Cat. It is [[Ravikiran Ifrit]], who revealed the true nature of the cat. When the theif overhears, the Cat is stolen again - and Ravi is caught up in the hunt for the artifact!berley's heroism (and omit the original plot). 
 +    * Aspect for Ravi: Seeker
 +    * Aspect for Ravi: Present when needed.
 +The Troy excavations attracted the attention of the Bureau. At every turn, Kitty runs into [[Finnegan]], the Man from the Bureau, who seems to show up at just the right time to provide help and resources.
 +    * Aspect for Finnegan:  
 +    * Aspect for Finnegan: 
 +{{tag>spirit novel kitty_smithson ravikiran_ifrit finnegan artifact}}
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