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 +Archibald of Gorrillatopia is in West Germany for a nuclear conference.
 +Mr White is an active agent for an intelligence agency
 +Herr  (Dietrich) Blitzman is said to be there - Mr White keeps watch on the American Embassy
 +Mr White also hears there is a defector likely to be there
 +Russian defector is colonel in military
 +Archie is in a wing in the British embassy
 +Finnegan is on a watch list for the USA as a possible subversive
 +The Century Club was hounded out of America as un-American and is now based in Vienna
 +Max Silver is still based in the USA and a possible subversive watch list
 +Archie has a dinner with Finnegan and Alec
 +Sally SIlver left a message for Finnegan at his hotel about possibly doing some Century business 
 +Ravi notices how many military folk around as a premonition
 +Alec keeps having vivid memories of the Murder Colonels
 +There is a massive explosion at the Wall at night
 +White goes to investigate
 +Finnegan sees it appears to be a dud missile hit
 +White thinks it's a distraction and spots Blitzman in the crowd.  Informing Finnegan, they both start following  him.
 +Alec if following a tall man
 +Ravi tries to work out who is following what and why
 +Blitzmen is sending folk off to investigate - American agents
 +White tries to avoid them
 +Alec ends up near the wall and sees two people coming over the wall - a woman in a colonel uniform and a older man in an overcoat
 +She says a code phrase that Alec luckily answers
 +Finnegan catches up to them and recognises her as Rocket Red - Natalia Ruvenko
 +The man is Jackson Jet Black
 +Finnegan  takes them to his hotel and leaves Alec there with them
 +Someone was following Finnegan - who gets him to go back with him to the house
 +Alec attacks him as he goes through the door.  Punching him in the chest does nothing but reveal its hairiness
 +The gorrilla smacks Alec across the room 
 +A representative of Gorillatopia offers Ravi a high position in the Gorrillatopian government while he's in Berlin
 +There is a chimp in a suit at Ravi's door
 +White heads to Finnegan's - he's not there so he goes o Alec'
 +The gorilla at Alec's offers Natalia an asylum in Gorillatopia.  It turns out he's Khaan's son
 +Ravi turns up with a Chimp.  They have drinks
 +Mr White turns up 
 +George's contact has detected unusual energy readings coming from Russia
 +George regarded as possible communist subversive by UK government
 +There are a number of energy beings wandering around Berlin that George notices.  Different from the ones she encountered before and from different nations.
 +The beings are trying to pick up traces of resonant energy
 +George hears about the explosion,rushes down, sees folk and decides to follow Finnegan
 +An energy being attacks another and removes it from its host
 +George looks after the now mad host to safety, hence is late to the meetup with everyone at Alec's
 +George is updated by folk and she updates folk on the energy beings
 +Jet Black and Red's briefcase were exposed to unusual energies
 +The lights go out
 +The gorilla carries Alec - Red carries Black
 +The group head out the back door - there is a man in a black suit and black hat who raises a hand ready to do lightning.
 +George hits him with her bag
 +Finnegan zaps him and the energy being goes. the body collapses
 +The group heads out  - White takes point
 +About 5 animated corpses are avoided by the group as they travel
 +Finnegan has an idea about possibly using the Marconi Device
 +The group reaches the English embassy and signs in.
 +Everyone goes to the Gorillatopia rooms.  Ravi meets the gorilla secretary
 +The Gorillas are overwhelmed with the celebrities and pass round mangoes
 +White assigns German assets to keep tabs on the Energy Beings - a report to be put at the dropbox in the park
 +Red asks if a chimp can retrieve the pieces of her jetpack that was used to explode on the wall
 +Ravi diplomatically calms the Americans and Russians
 +Some time passes
 +The ex-energy mental patient is moved to George's care at the British embassy 
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