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 +====== Zara Jenkins, Bartender ======
 +Zara Jenkins fled her dying homeworld, Gersplotch III, after warring
 +factions from two extreme religious sects successfully managed to
 +overthrow the monarchy by releasing a toxic compound, derived from a
 +deadly night shade, into the drinking water supply.
 +Being a resourceful young woman she soon made her mark in the
 +underworld. A keen card player, skilled fighter and unaffected by
 +even large quantities of alcohol, she seduced her way into more than
 +one nefarious business deal. Famous for her Sunset over Viridian IV
 +cocktail, she now owns her own bar, The Dark Horse, on a remote space
 +station located on the edge of the Matrix Galaxy. Although no one
 +actually knows just how she managed to find enough platinum to buy it
 +from the previous owner, a rather shady character himself.
 +A humanoid of remarkable presence, she is most remembered for her
 +long dark hair, piercing blue eyes and black leather attire. Unafraid
 +to use her telepathic ability to scope out new business deals amongst
 +the many dodgy characters who pass through her establishment,​ she has
 +seen her share of adventure.
 +She can get you anything your heart desires...for a reasonable price,
 +of course.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[Cheese Whiz]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +  *  [[A quick lesson on why contract work is the way to go]]
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Science Fiction Characters]]
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