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 +====== The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen ======
 +From [[http://​​webbin/​gutbook/​lookup?​num=3154|Project Gutenberg]]
 +==== Disclaimer ====
 +[[Disclaimer for Project Gutenberg]]
 +Baron Munnikhouson or Munchausen, of Bodenweder, near Hamelyn on the
 +Weser, belongs to the noble family of that name, which gave to the
 +King's German dominions the late prime minister and several other
 +public characters equally bright and illustrious. He is a man of great
 +original humour; and having found that prejudiced minds cannot be
 +reasoned into common sense, and that bold assertors are very apt to
 +bully and speak their audience out of it, he never argues with either
 +of them, but adroitly turns the conversation upon indifferent topics
 +and then tells a story of his travels, campaigns, and sporting
 +adventures, in a manner peculiar to himself, and well calculated to
 +awaken and shame the common sense of those who have lost sight of it
 +by prejudice or habit.
 +As this method has been often attended with good success, we beg leave
 +to lay some of his stories before the public, and humbly request those
 +who shall find them rather extravagant and bordering upon the
 +marvellous, which will require but a very moderate share of common
 +sense, to exercise the same upon every occurrence of life, and chiefly
 +upon our English politics, in which /old habits/ and /bold
 +assertions/,​ set off by eloquent speeches and supported by
 +constitutional mobs, associations,​ volunteers, and foreign influence,
 +have of late, we apprehend, but too successfully turned our brains,
 +and made us the laughing-stock of Europe, and of France and Holland in
 +particular. ​
 +==== TO THE PUBLIC ====
 +Having heard, for the first time, that my adventures have been
 +doubted, and looked upon as jokes, I feel bound to come forward and
 +vindicate my character /for veracity/, by paying three shillings at
 +the Mansion House of this great city for the affidavits hereto
 +This I have been forced into in regard of my own honour, although I
 +have retired for many years from public and private life; and I hope
 +that this, my last edition, will place me in a proper light with my
 +  /We/, the undersigned,​ as true believers in the /profit/, do most
 +  solemnly affirm, that all the adventures of our friend Baron
 +  Munchausen, in whatever country they may /lie/, are positive and
 +  simple facts. /And/, as we have been believed, whose adventures
 +  are tenfold more wonderful, /so/ do we hope all true believers
 +  will give him their full faith and credence.
 +                                                       ​GULLIVER. x
 +                                                       ​SINBAD. ​  x
 +                                                       ​ALADDIN. ​ x
 +  /Sworn at the Mansion House
 +  9th Nov. last, in the absence
 +  of the Lord Mayor./
 +                        JOHN (/the Porter/).
 +===== Contents =====
 +[[Contents Page]]
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