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 +====== The Honourable Clare Thimblebelly of Lower Cannonboroughbury ======
 +The Honourable Clare Thimblebelly was the thirteenth daughter of Baron
 +Thimblebelly of Lower Cannonboroughbury,​ a somewhat diminished barony
 +located somewhere between Cumbria and Kent. Shortly after her birth her
 +mother, Lady Thimblebelly,​ fled to a sanitorium. Tragedy struck again early
 +in her childhood when, after a particularly enthusiastic game of Hide and
 +Seek, the Baron and five sisters were never recovered. As a young woman she
 +was encouraged to leave Lower Cannonboroughbury,​ indeed the entire
 +Cannonboroughbury area, by allegations of witchcraft, begun due to an
 +unfortunate misunderstanding of a herbal nature.
 +Travelling throughout Europe, she found herself in Spain where she was
 +briefly imprisoned by the Inquisition for being a psychic, which was
 +certainly something she hadn't expected. Recently she has returned to
 +England and become well known in some circles as a herbalist and dabbler in
 +the occult. Her Preparation Number 3, an aphrodisiac and floor polish, has
 +become especially popular.
 +In addition to composing and performing music for the harpsichord,​
 +harmonica and bugle, she was instrumental in the early days of the Campaign
 +Against Hoop Petticoats. She has never married, surprising given the
 +undoubtedly large number of potential suitors that must surely have been
 +thronging about her, at least during her younger days.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[Preparation Number 3]]
 +  * [[beggar_s_guild|The Wrath of the Beggar'​s Guild]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +  * [[the_origin_of_boy_troupes]]
 +====== ======
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