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 +{{ :​23.jpg?​200|The Fourth Doctor}}
 +===== The Fourth Doctor=====
 +**AKA:** Thete, Theta Sigma, Doctor John Smith.
 +**Advantages:​** Charm and gadgetry, ​ McGuffins: Floppy hat and very long scarf
 +**Disadvantages:​** Easily irritated, patronising,​ overly facetious.
 +  * You may be a doctor. But I'm the Doctor. The definite article, you might say.
 +  * The trouble with computers, of course, is that they'​re very sophisticated idiots. ​
 +  * I say; what a wonderful butler, he's so violent!
 +  * If there'​s one thing I can't stand, it's being tortured by someone with cold hands.
 +===Recurring Phrases===
 +  * Would you like a jelly baby?
 +  * Hello-o-o-o
 +  * Off you go.
 +  * Shut up, K-9! 
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