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 +====== The Captain'​s View Hotel ======
 +Picture a bustling spaceport, as close to the commercial hub of the
 +galaxy as seems convenient. It is, of course, filled with the most
 +startling array of beings from all corners of the galaxy, on there
 +way to who-or-what-knows-where,​ doing who-or-what-knows-what
 +business. This spaceport, bearing the rather unglamorous designation
 +Delta-5, should be, and indeed is, spoken of in tales on every world,
 +told by every race. To the Hedonist Cults of Frequala, it is known
 +for its rather tame but serviceable pleasure domes. To the Darmoks
 +of Darmok, it is the favoured place to wheel, deal and, where
 +politeness permits, assassinate. To the Terran High Command, it is a
 +hive of filth and traitors, and to the New Byzantine Republic, it is
 +a recruiting ground for daring, dashing and fairly cheap
 +mercenaries. The Chouserian see it as a way-station on their
 +pilgrimage to Canterbury VII, whereas the BEMs of BEMspace regard it
 +with awed fear. The Meaderites regard it as a commercially important
 +spaceport, as, in fact, do the Darmoks, the Terran High Command, the
 +New Byzantine Republic, and most other powers in this sector.
 +In all the tales that are told of Spaceport Delta-5, few mention the
 +Captain'​s View Hotel, which is a shame, because to certain ways of
 +thinking this Hotel is one of the more remarkable aspects of the
 +station. Not for the view, which is certainly, to certain tastes,
 +remarkable, as the Hotel is situated on the upper decks, along the
 +outer rim, so that every room has an enviable view of the majesty of
 +deep space, with just enough nearby planetary bodies to keep it
 +interesting. And not for the clientele, which is no more diverse,
 +though generally more affluent, than can be seen on the rest of the
 +No, The Captain'​s View is remarkable for a peculiar custom – a game,
 +in fact.
 +The game has fairly elaborate rules, though they do not concern us
 +here. Any sentient may initiate the game, by announcing that it, she
 +or he wishes to play. It is popular among humans, though they do not
 +always, or indeed often, win. To win the game, a tale must be told
 +that is considered most entertaining by a vote of all participants,​
 +weighted according to their own storytelling skills. Side bets are
 +taken by the hotel'​s patrons as to the eventual winner, or to the
 +likelihood of fisticuffs (or psuedopodicuffs,​ if a being should be so
 +designed) or such things, and votes are often taken on the most
 +amusing digression, the most comely being, and the most unbelievable
 +The game has been called tonight by a strange-looking human in
 +synthepace, a veteran of the Byzantine Secession Wars, now a free
 +trader and occasional mercenary. He now stares casually into the
 +abyss of space, awaiting challengers.
 +===== Games =====
 +  - [[Stardate 000001]]
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