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 +====== Terry the Tezzanator, Marquis de Pommesfrite ======
 +The Marquis de Pommesfrite,​ Terry the Tezzanator, a dilettante with
 +respect to the arts and sciences, but a connoisseur of the more lowly
 +pastimes, is currently on leave from his lands in the north of
 +Despite being an unadventurous soul, attached to his home comforts,
 +and not being the sort to put himself in unecessary danger, the
 +Marquis has found himself long parted from the rolling hills of
 +succulent potatoes, golden wheat, and tasty hops found on his
 +marquessate. This sad state of affairs is due to circumstances
 +brought about by a small but excessively slimy frog, a large freak
 +tornado, and His Excellency'​s naive agreement to participate in a
 +diabolical experiment performed by Bruno de Bieremeister,​ the
 +alchemist the Marquis sponsors primarily for his brewing talents, but
 +who is also widely rumoured to dabble in strange mechanical
 +contrivances,​ and possibly even the dark arts (including *mime*).
 +Deposited far from home, the Marquis'​ sisyphean efforts to return to
 +his estate have seen him travel through parts known and unknown.
 +Along the way encountering strange peoples, learning and passing on
 +novel compositions of music featuring repetitive beats, sampling
 +alien cuisines, and collapsing worn and exhausted at the end of each
 +day in sub-five-star-four-and-a-half-at-most hovels. His
 +Excellency'​s only respite has been his continued discoveries of new
 +types of amber ambrosia.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  *  [[dinosaur|The last known species of dinosaurs]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Historical Characters]] \\
 +Back to [[[at_the_sign_of_the_bear_and_garter|The Sign of the Bear and Garter]]
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