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Svathlan, Kalderash Ambassador to the New Byzantine Empire

One of the rare non-humanoid, non-Oxybreathing species in Known Space [subject, of course, to debate] and often argued by more reactionary philosophers as being the only truly sentient species in the Quadrant, the Kalderash rarely leave their watery home planet, and even more rarely engage in direct communication with other species. One of the exceptions to this rule was Svathlan, Tabloid clan, who many years ago gained a reputation as a gifted information broker, journalist, adventurer-weird and pianist, despite its major physiological differences and mildly disquieting appearance. After the publication of its ground-breaking novel, “Attalthan in Mildly Fallinon Loving in the Timourousness of Martickle”, the Kalderash authorities tracked it down, and following the 'if you can't beat them, make them join you' dictum first espoused by Salathin those many millenia ago, [although some recent scholars have claimed it was originally meant to refer to the gladiatorial conflicts and the dismemberment of uncooperative opponents] forced it to become an ambassadorial aide. Over the years, it has risen through the ranks, partially due to eccentric yet unusually successful methodology to the rank of Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Empire, for which role it prepared by learning as many as possible of the dirty jokes in-appropriate to the job. It is still studying, trying to understand the humanoid notion of humour.

Svathlan appears, in its native oceanic environment not entirely dissimilar to some of the deep sea Terran jellyfish, with primarily transparent flesh making visible the gorgeously colourful glow of life's processes deep within its four foot high body, and a number of long, delicate tentacles. In such environment as is generally met upon Delta-5, Svathlan dons a complex and high-tech environment suit that includes a translator device, anti-grav, a certain degree of armoured opacity, generally in a delicate jade green, and a host of other labor-saving devices. The Kalderash are rumoured to be fractally-dimensioned in their physiology and vaguely telepathic although they of course deny both, and submit they hold to the Telepathic Communications Decency Act of Megalodon12-13 anyway.



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