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The Dukes Air Adventures

1.On how it came to be

It is interesting to note in the beginning of our story the fall of the nationalistic identity after the end of great war I Duke Von Steerlienstien of Bavaria will describe my adventures and the various wars that followed the great war. However like I said we must first start at the orginaial great war. Personally I was involved very little, my father however had a great deal of work under Willham. During the great war it is not the less to say that the twelve year extent made individuals completely lose faith in any since of a national government. Remember now that the great war did not end with national governments but instead of the accord of the smaller groups of individuals offering up a uneasy situation of peace. It is not difficult to see how this quickly turned the government against the people, and the people against the government. It was seen that the governments only real task was now to completely ruin the population of their home nations. By showing they would never make peace by trying to 'quell' internal peace treaties they became further untrusted.

Never the less the individual acts of the citizens lead to a need to control the citizens through a new manner. The new fervor in local politics lead the majority of European leaders to allow for the dukes, and counts to take over the provinces that were causing problems. Yet the dukes and counts which did not get to rule directly were upset, and to not further risk unrest, the nations pretty much unamionsly continued with this action. My own place comes about half way through a realitivly calm period. My father had just died, this being about 1945, and in the individual areas were discussions of the 'American flying machine.' Our own European flying machines were far and few between because no one could raise the money needed to actually sustain any development for an extended amount of time, but I digress that all of this talk about the American flying machine had the dukes in a tatter.

2.The first American flying machine

The first American flying machine to be bought by a Duke was in 1946. Trying to be something of a trend setter he bought what is called a, 'P-51.' It was a massively beautiful aircraft which the duke flew with ease and enjoyment. The lessons of the great war were not lost on this duke (From the duchy of Athens). He taught four of his sons how to fly the aircraft and spent a great deal on acquiring two more.

I remember the first dinner party I hosted, it was for a count whom I do not recall now. He was marvelously excited about the duchy of Athens new, 'Air Force.'

“How can one call it an,'Air Force,' if it is only made up of three to four aircraft!” I exclaimed without much knowledge to the contrary.

The count looked clueless around the table, openly mocking my ignorance on the issue, of which I must say did not offend myself. His gaping mouth quickly closed and he looked me straight in the eye, “Can you tell me what one of your peasant armies can move at 400+Kilometers in a single hour?'

From that point on I was most indefinably intrigued by the notions of an, “Air Force.” I sought out the different designers of aircraft, and I purchased the second set in all of the European continent. It was an American made, 'P-47.'

3.How I came to Face the challenges

I had not known the costs in operating my, 'P-47.' For I must say I figured it to be less difficult than a horse, but not harder than a car! My first goal was to learn how to fly the aircraft. To do this I traveled to the United States of America, to a school called, 'The Hugh Higgens school of flight.” There were at this school 24 postmen, 2 what the Americans called, 'Hawkers,' or just speed fliers, and one school teacher. It did not take me long to actually exploit the uses of the P-47. I understood how to fly it, and operate the aircraft. While I was in New York at this school I also meant a chummy aircraft mechanic, by the nights end and with at least two liters of alcohol he had agreed to be my personal mechanic.

In 1953 I returned to Bavaria and begun to fly my plane on various enjoyment flights. I saw from the skies all the different ways the ground turned in and out, I also tested the limits and extremes of the aircraft, everything worked marvelously. By this time numerous airports where being built for a more comerical and inter continental services. I had my own hanger here, and by 1955 there were numerous other dukes sitting with

4.On the first Battle of the Dukes

In 1954 a major dispute broke up between a newly appointed Duke of Cyprus, and the duchy of Athens. While a federal government still existed it was up to the individual dukes and counts if they would commit troops into the battle. I decided not to send troops or to even side with anyone at the start. However a month into the fight I was sent the most peculiar iventation from the duke of Cyprus :

Dear Duke of Bavaria I hope this reaches you before the Evil Duchy of Athens Air Force destroys my palace. I am writing you for a single and unified purpose. I will hire any Dukes which wish to commit themselves and their aircraft to my cause.

Enclosed is a list of the duchy of Athens aircraft : 3 X P-51 (The Duke, His two sons.) 2 X P-47 (Two Knights of the Skies (Americans)) Sincerely yours, Duke of Athens

This was by far the weirdest thing I had ever heard, and I had to sit around and ponder this for a while to understand the full extent. In the end I agreed and arrived in Cyprus with in a month. The duke of Cyprus greated me at a very dented runway with a full honor guard. There were six other aircraft there, three of which were, 'Knights of the Sky,' it was explained that they were also all Americans. Our task was to defend the airspace around the duke of Cyprus's home. At the time this did not seem like a difficult task, and while we talked with each other around the dinner table, in which we had a marvelous meal of Cyprus local brew. Our plane was merely to allow the, 'Knights of the Sky,' to fly in front while the dukes would fly slower behind them. We would rotate over the area until our fuel was 1/3 and then return home.

This was as I said the first actual mercenary combat ever recorded with aircraft. It also showed that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. As we began a slow rotation at 5,500 feet we could see dots on the horizon. We signaled with our wings that those must be the enemy aircraft. However our guns had always been for play, and only the, 'Knights of the Sky,' really had any true training in their use. The duke of Sicily and I sat back while the knights were entangled in a massive dog fight, one of which began tumbling to the earth. It was one of the duchy of Athens aircraft however. As we landed we agreed that each individual would take turns guarding the area and that they would be releaved every four hours with someone else flying. Four days later the duchy of Athens said that they would stop their use of aircraft and focus again on convential warfare. The day after I flew my 'P-47' back home to Bavaria.

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