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 +====== Simon the Technomage ======
 +Rumour has it that he we expelled from his order for several major infractions : Having his affairs meddled in whilst being unsubtle and slow to anger, turning up when looked for but not wanted, being seen without being expected and finally, worst of all, unecessarily clear and understandable explanations. In fact, on occasion he has even been rumoured to have told how it was done.
 +Naturally his inability to be enigmatic led to his expulsion. He has been trying to remedy this lack of skill ever since.
 +Simon'​s past is a mystery even to himself after realising for the first and last time that a wizard'​s staff is not a baton to be twirled. The metal skull cap he now wears is more than merely a fashion accessory. All he does remember is his training in the arts of technology, secrecy and deception. The Technomage mandate of using technology to imitate magic. To bring a little wonder into everyday life.
 +Dressed in the black leathers and metal runic traceries of the order, he would cut a dashing figure if it weren'​t for the ominous cowled cloak that was also customary. In his right hand he carries the staff of wizardy, almost six feet long and carved around with runes and circuitry. The badge of his office.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[quack_alert|The Rise and Fall of the Church of Psi-Entolo-Jee]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +===== Related Persona=====
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 +  * [[lord peter wyndham-smythe]]
 +====== ======
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