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 +===== Saga Munchausen =====
 +What I’m thinking of doing for the next game is a historical one - set on or before 900AD. Sagas and folk tales in the vein of Viking sagas, or Irish folklore. Magic will be encounters with the Fair Folk (Sidhe) and tend to be subtle. People being turned into things, quests and obscure components needed for spells. With the odd wandering bands of vikings, britons, irish, celts, etc causing violence. Let’s call this style “Saga Munchausen”.
 +=== Character types ===
 +This one should possibly not be in the first person style. ​ Everyone should have a character that is knowledgable in folktales (rather than nobility in the classic Munchausen game). ​ Old fireside storytellers,​ wise folk, travelling bards, learned monks or ancient scholars, druids, matriarchs and patriarchs.
 +=== Story Styles ===
 +  * Told in the third person, this time.  "The tale of Aelfwick, his third wife and the blessed cup of Dana as it has been told to me by my mother, and her mother'​s mother." ​ etc...
 +  * Interruptions,​ wagers and digressions should be also formatted as variations of the story "But as it was told to me, Aelfwick was cursed by the Fair Folk to never marry before his thirtieth year.  How then could he have taken a third wife at such an elderly age?"
 +  * Language used should be somewhat archaic, and you should not use any modern idioms or colloquiallisms.
 +  * Stories should be in a quest format. ​ Certain conditions need to be met in order to reach the conclusion.
 +=== Question Types ===
 +  * All questions should be only somewhat fantastical. ​ There can be fantasy races involved, but they should belong to actual folklore - trolls, giants, talking trees, sorceresses etc are all fine. 
 +  * If a question doesn'​t have a specific goal that could be used as a quest (ie "Why Redbeard the Saxon was forever doomed to have a beard no matter how he shaved"​),​ then it is up to the storyteller to work it into a quest format, and not just finish the story when the question is answered (ie "And it was because he did not mix the potion of disguise correctly when he stole the ring of invisibility from Dwarves of Ulfgar, that, while he did eventually return to his original size, he never could stop his beard from regrowing almost instantly"​).
 +Go back to the [[Historical Settings]] page \\
 +Read the [[munchausen_lite|Current Rules]]
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