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 +====== Lord Peter Wyndham-Smythe ======
 +Lord Peter hails from the province of Holt, in which he is currently undertaking the management of portraiting (much like landscaping but of a more vertical nature) of his estates there. ​ He is interested in helping his fellow humans, even those commoners that tend to smell a bit and nick things. ​ As such he has discovered the cure for several kinds of Cold and endeavoured to raise the morality of the relations of young women through stricter enforcement of engagement practices. ​ Having recently moved his financial enterprises from lard based mining operations to the now more lucrative diamond mines he has well recovered from the previous losses his family suffered earlier in the year.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[The Cure for the Common Cold]]
 +  * [[The Use of Diamond Rings]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +===== Related Persona=====
 +  * [[duke_peter_of_gloucester]]
 +  * [[Simon the Technomage]]
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Historical Characters]]
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