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 +====== Munchausen "​Locations or Settings"​ ======
 +Not every group of [[character]]s sit around a table in a bar, pub or inn. [[Page]] created here describe a place for a [[game]] to start.
 +===== Creating a "​Location/​Setting"​ =====
 +Find the appropriate genre under **Storytelling Settings** on the [[start]] page.  Create a new [[page]] and write a descriptive piece about a particularly interesting place that players may socialise and tell stories. ​ They may wish to have a drink there, or a meal, or do some other activity they can roleplay in the [[game]] between stories.
 +===== Adding to a "​Location/​Setting"​ =====
 +Whenever a new [[game]] is started, a new link should be place in the location [[page]]. ​ You should put these in an unordered list (or bullet list) by starting the link with two spaces, an asterisk and another space.
 +===== Finishing a "​Location/​Setting"​ =====
 +You can end the page with a link back to the [[start]] page.
 +Go to [[Munchausen Lite|the rules page]] \\
 +Go back to the [[start]] page.
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