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 +====== Lady Alyssa Gray of Essex ======
 +Formerly of Lyon, France, Lady Alyssa Gray of Essex escaped a lifetime of
 +poverty by running away to join a cancan act on Vaudeville at the age of 12
 +after the tragic
 +death of her twin brother, Xavier. Although devastated by the loss, her
 +enthusiastic and creative performances were soon discovered by the infamous
 +Labouche. Dancing under the stage name, Bon Bons, and managed by the Madame,
 +Alyssa gained much notoriety and became a popular feature of the underground
 +Parisian nightlife.
 +After several years, she finally saved enough money to buy herself the fare to
 +London and a year's allowance to stay with her sixth cousin-twice-removed,​ Miss
 +Spencer. A quick study, Alyssa soon learned the etiquette and style necessary to
 +create a background of breeding and class. Reverting to her name of birth and
 +wearing the most up-to-date in London fashions, she soon found herself invited
 +to many of the balls of the most famous 17-- London season. It was during that
 +that she was invited to winter in Bath much to the dismay of her cousin, who was
 +not. It was in Bath that she met the Earl of Essex, James Gray the Fourth, who
 +there to regain his health after the untimely death of his wife, Anna. The Earl,
 +thirty years her senior, and Alyssa became firm friends and married three years
 +later after
 +an uneventful courtship.
 +After a colourful childhood, Lady Gray now enjoys the peaceful seclusion of the
 +estate she shares with her husband. Although the Earl is now confined to his
 +wheelchair and spends much of his day in his gardens, Lady Gray finds their
 +union most rewarding. Often away visiting friends, she has recently returned
 +from the
 +London Ball Season which she most enjoyed, having stayed in the apartments of
 +her close personal friend, Lord Richard of Canterbury.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[Lady Alyssa and the Barrel of Ice]]
 +  * The [[Tale of the lost pig]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Historical Characters]] \\
 +Back to [[[at_the_sign_of_the_bear_and_garter|The Sign of the Bear and Garter]]
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