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 +====== A Munchausen "​Game"​ ======
 +A **Game** is a page, linked from the [[location/​setting]] which contains all the linking text, incidental roleplaying and character introductions for the players involved in that particular game.
 +===== Starting a "​Game"​ page =====
 +It usually starts with character introductions as they enter the [[location/​setting]] and take a seat at the table/​bar/​moat/​object of gathering. ​ The first person to make an entry on a **Game** page is usually the person who designed the [[location/​setting]],​ but if the game is set in an existing location, then the person who is organising the game starts.
 +The first poster should not specify how many seats there are around the table, in case there are late arrivals.
 +As Wiki is retroactively editable - players who arrive late can (and should) edit the **Game** page so that they appear in time to hear all the stories in the game, otherwise they can't really vote on them all, can they?
 +** Note ** please create a link to a new game on the [[Current Games]] page so it can be found easily.
 +===== Adding to a "​Game"​ page =====
 +When a question has been asked on the **Game** page and a player starts their story, they should create a new heading, and a brief descriptive paragraph with a link to their actual story [[page]].
 +After they have finished their story (with all the wagers and whatnot having been played out on the story [[page]], and all digressions being linked off that story [[page]]), then the other players should add their comments on the story back on the **Game** page.  ​
 +After suitable congratulations on a story well told, the storyteller can then ask her question of the next player.
 +===== Finishing a "​Game"​ page =====
 +Once all stories have been told, it is up to the first writer of the **Game** page to ask her fellow players to vote on whose story was best.  This is a simple tally.
 +The winner writes a suitable acceptance and the page is ended with a horizontal rule (that'​s four hyphens) and a link back to the [[location/​setting]]
 +Go to [[Munchausen Lite|the rules page]] \\
 +Go back to the [[start]] page.
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