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 +====== Earl S_____ ======
 +The Englishman is tall, slender and slightly effete, dressed in an elaborate ruffled shirt that is quite the fashion in London at the moment. It's not the fashion in this establishment,​ though that doesn'​t seem to bother him. His manner suggests “idle aristocracy” and the fact that his sword gets caught on a cushion as he sits down does nothing to allay that impression. It's a wonder he hasn't been beaten up seven times today for his golden watch
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[the_fabulous_silk_road]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +===== Related Persona=====
 +  * [[baron_celsius_don_barrow]]
 +  * [[Captain Brro of the _Shining Wit_]]
 +  * [[doctor_s_van_b]]
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Historical Characters]] \\
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