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 +====== Duke Peter of Gloucester ======
 +//A short discourse on him.//
 +Duke Peter, born on the 30th of June in the year of our Lord 17--,
 +inherited his Dukedom only recently through the untimely death of his
 +father, Duke of Gloucester. It was an ill-judged wager involving
 +flint schnapps and the unfortunate coincidence of his father'​s
 +medicinal iron trousers that led to the undignified explosion. Since
 +which time his Grace has had to curtail his adventurous wanderings and
 +has instead decided to put his estate to good use as a decent,
 +well-stocked resting place for weary travelers. With nought but an
 +lively tale, Nobles and adventurers may seek food and shelter beneath
 +his castle'​s roof.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[potato| The strange discovery of the Potato]]
 +  * [[the_lesser_great_wall_of_china| The Lost Temple of Keekong Dong]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +  * [[A short digression]]
 +  * [[concerning_the_jabberwock]]
 +  * [[The Steam Enhanced Straight Jackets of von Gluck]]
 +===== Related Persona=====
 +  * [[simon_the_technomage]]
 +  * [[lord peter wyndham-smythe]]
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Historical Characters]]
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