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 +====== Doctor S_____ van B_____ ======
 +Doctor Van B_____ was, until recently, a Professor of Natural History
 +at the University of Amsterdam. However, with the recent return of
 +one troublesome English explorer, whose accounts of his voyages to
 +the antipodes conflict wildly with the rather more entertaining
 +accounts for which Dr. Van B_____ is well known, and upon which his
 +scholarly reputation was largely based. Thinking it prudent to
 +announce his retirement, Dr. van B_____ left Amsterdam (with a fairly
 +large amount of university silverware, and not a few paintings of
 +note from his professorial chambers). As there are still circles
 +where a good story is more highly regarded than an accurate one, he
 +has been courting the company of certain noblemen, who are more than
 +willing to fund his researches in return for tales of his travels.
 +Although technically a commoner, Dr. Van B_____'​s air of scholarship
 +and learning lends a respectability to the proceedings of any
 +gathering he cares to attend.
 +[[A short digression]]
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