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 +====== Countess Barbara of Tango ======
 +The Lady Countess Barbara hails from the Spanish province of Tango, famous
 +for the dance of that name, which was invented by an ancestor of the
 +Countess' as a diversion during the rescue of Pope Joan from an army of
 +infidels with whom the ancestor had ingratiated herself by well; that's
 +another story.
 +Countess Barbara was wed to his most elderly Excellency, the Count Juan of
 +Tango at the tender age of nineteen. For their honeymoon, the couple
 +chartered a cruise ship, "The Golden Dromedary" and headed out to see the
 +famous armoured jellyfishes of the Green Sea. Before they reached their
 +destination, however, the Count met with a most unfortunate accident
 +involving a chain of brass bells, the ship's foghorn, a garter belt and
 +his own sword. Servants discovered his body in the bedroom the next
 +morning. The Countess, it appears, had mercifully slept through the whole
 +A woman of formidable courage, Her Excellency was able to martial her
 +resources to overcome her grief and take charge of the Count's
 +considerable wealth and estate. She has since travelled through the four
 +corners of the world, seeking knowledge and a good story, as she is sure
 +her husband would have wished.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[grey_pearls_of_pung_qing]]
 +  * [[The Tiddlywinks of Constantinopolus]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +  * [[Bangerznmasch]]
 +  * [[the_doors_in_spain]]
 +===== Expoundments =====
 +  * [[appelalations]]
 +===== Related Persona=====
 +  * [[lady_floria]]
 +  * [[Pia, Street Rat and Interplanetary Stowaway]]
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Historical Characters]] \\
 +Back to [[[at_the_sign_of_the_bear_and_garter|The Sign of the Bear and Garter]]
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