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 +===== CHAPTER XVI =====
 +//This is a very short chapter, but contains a fact for which the
 +Baron'​s memory ought to be dear to every Englishman, especially
 +those who may hereafter have the misfortune of being made
 +prisoners of war.//
 +On my return from Gibraltar I travelled by way of France to England.
 +Being a foreigner, this was not attended with any inconvenience to me.
 +I found, in the harbour of Calais, a ship just arrived with a number
 +of English sailors as prisoners of war. I immediately conceived an
 +idea of giving these brave fellows their liberty, which I accomplished
 +as follows:​--After forming a pair of large wings, each of them forty
 +yards long, and fourteen wide, and annexing them to myself, I mounted
 +at break of day, when every creature, even the watch upon deck, was
 +fast asleep. As I hovered over the ship I fastened three grappling
 +irons to the tops of the three masts with my sling, and fairly lifted
 +her several yards out of the water, and then proceeded across to
 +Dover, where I arrived in half an hour! Having no further occasion for
 +these wings, I made them a present to the governor of Dover Castle,
 +where they are now exhibited to the curious.
 +As to the prisoners, and the Frenchmen who guarded them, they did not
 +awake till they had been near two hours on Dover Pier. The moment the
 +English understood their situation they changed places with their
 +guard, and took back what they had been plundered of, but no more, for
 +they were too generous to retaliate and plunder them in return.
 +Go to [[CHAPTER XVII]]
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