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 +===== CHAPTER XIX =====
 +//The Baron crosses the Thames without the assistance of a bridge,
 +ship, boat, balloon, or even his own will: rouses himself after a
 +long nap, and destroys a monster who lived upon the destruction of
 +My first visit to England was about the beginning of the present
 +king's reign. I had occasion to go down to Wapping, to see some goods
 +shipped, which I was sending to some friends at Hamburgh; after that
 +business was over, I took the Tower Wharf in my way back. Here I found
 +the sun very powerful, and I was so much fatigued that I stepped into
 +one of the cannon to compose me, where I fell fast asleep. This was
 +about noon: it was the fourth of June; exactly at one o'​clock these
 +cannon were all discharged in memory of the day. They had been all
 +charged that morning, and having no suspicion of my situation, I was
 +shot over the houses on the opposite side of the river, into a
 +farmer'​s yard, between Bermondsey and Deptford, where I fell upon a
 +large hay-stack, without waking, and continued there in a sound sleep
 +till hay became so extravagantly dear (which was about three months
 +after), that the farmer found it his interest to send his whole stock
 +to market: the stack I was reposing upon was the largest in the yard,
 +containing above five hundred load; they began to cut that first. I
 +woke with the voices of the people who had ascended the ladders to
 +begin at the top, and got up, totally ignorant of my situation: in
 +attempting to run away I fell upon the farmer to whom the hay
 +belonged, and broke his neck, yet received no injury myself. I
 +afterwards found, to my great consolation,​ that this fellow was a most
 +detestable character, always keeping the produce of his grounds for
 +extravagant markets.
 +Go to [[CHAPTER XX]]
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