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 +===== CHAPTER XII =====
 +//The frolic; its consequences--Windsor Castle--St. Paul'​s--College
 +of Physicians--Undertakers,​ sextons, &c., almost ruined--Industry
 +of the apothecaries.//​
 +This famous sling makes the possessor equal to any task he is desirous
 +of performing.
 +I made a balloon of such extensive dimensions, that an account of the
 +silk it contained would exceed all credibility;​ every mercer'​s shop
 +and weaver'​s stock in London, Westminster,​ and Spitalfields
 +contributed to it: with this balloon and my sling I played many
 +tricks, such as taking one house from its station, and placing another
 +in its stead, without disturbing the inhabitants,​ who were generally
 +asleep, or too much employed to observe the peregrinations of their
 +habitations. When the sentinel at Windsor Castle heard St. Paul's
 +clock strike thirteen, it was through my dexterity; I brought the
 +buildings nearly together that night, by placing the castle in St.
 +George'​s Fields, and carried it back again before daylight, without
 +waking any of the inhabitants;​ notwithstanding these exploits, I
 +should have kept my balloon, and its properties a secret, if
 +Montgolfier had not made the art of flying so public.
 +On the 30th of September, when the College of Physicians chose their
 +annual officers, and dined sumptuously together, I filled my balloon,
 +brought it over the dome of their building, clapped the sling round
 +the golden ball at the top, fastening the other end of it to the
 +balloon, and immediately ascended with the whole college to an immense
 +height, where I kept them upwards of three months. You will naturally
 +inquire what they did for food such a length of time? To this I
 +answer, Had I kept them suspended twice the time, they would have
 +experienced no inconvenience on that account, so amply, or rather
 +extravagantly,​ had they spread their table for that day's feasting.
 +Though this was meant as an innocent frolic, it was productive of much
 +mischief to several respectable characters amongst the clergy,
 +undertakers,​ sextons, and grave-diggers:​ they were, it must be
 +acknowledged,​ sufferers; for it is a well-known fact, that during the
 +three months the college was suspended in the air, and therefore
 +incapable of attending their patients, no deaths happened, except a
 +few who fell before the scythe of Father Time, and some melancholy
 +objects who, perhaps to avoid some trifling inconvenience here, laid
 +the hands of violence upon themselves, and plunged into misery
 +infinitely greater than that which they hoped by such a rash step to
 +avoid, without a moment'​s consideration.
 +If the apothecaries had not been very active during the above time,
 +half the undertakers in all probability would have been bankrupts.
 +Go to [[CHAPTER XIII]]
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