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 +====== Captain Brro of the _Shining Wit_ ======
 +Captain Brro was trained as a fighter pilot by the Terran High
 +Command, and fought against the Secessionist forces in early
 +engagements,​ before switching sides at the Battle of New Crete. He
 +was decorated by the New Byzantine government, but left their service
 +in favour of a mercantile career. These days he is known as much for
 +his extensive travels as his war record, and has traveled from one
 +end of the galaxy to the other.
 +Several galactic-standard years ago Brro purchased the _Shining
 +Light_ from a Space Ranger of Terra, and whimsically rechristened it
 +the _Shining Wit_ in honour of its former owner'​s companion. It is a
 +three person long-distance fighter reconfigured as a small cargo
 +freighter, with stronger armour and more powerful drive systems than
 +are customary for the class. It is also rumoured to be heavily
 +armed, though no engagements in Imperial or Republican space have
 +been reported.
 +Brro habitually wears a pseudochitin synthepace, a curved armour that
 +gives its wearer the appearance of a giant beetle – an impression
 +heightened by the shifting analytical lenses he wears over his eyes.
 +A line of glittering metal extends along his fingers and up his
 +arms. It is not clear what purpose this serves, but it appears to be
 +a part of some sort of cybernetic enhancement.
 +===== Stories =====
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 +====== ======
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