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 +=====By the Gods Munchausen=====
 +The goal of By the Gods Munchausen is to play as various Greek and Roman gods.  Sitting on top of Mount Olympus, discussing and ultimatley bragging about what they have done for mankind!  ​
 +=== Character types ===
 +The game is played in the first person style. ​ With each person picking a different Roman/Greek god, from this moment they ARE the gods.
 +=== Story Styles ===
 +  * Stories are about the exploits of the gods and how they helped or harmed the good or bad people below.
 +  * They should be lavish and always try to show the strength of the god.  The other gods will try to bring out their weaknesses ('​Zeus,​ why didn't you just throw a lighting bolt at him!'​)  ​
 +  * Players can play out old legends and stories, or just make up their own.
 +=== Question Types ===
 +  * Extravagent with no detail left unturned (As long as it accentuates the strengths of the god!)
 +  * Questions about how the people worshipped you are the best kinds of questions, "How did the people worship your destroying of the 4 headed centaur Hercules?"​
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