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 +====== Bobo the Brown ======
 +Bobo "​Fetta"​ Brannigan, also known as Bobo the Brown, was an admiral
 +in the guerilla army of his home system, Fiftyonebee,​ and was a key
 +leader in the ultimately unsuccessful rebellion against the evil
 +Empire (Records (TM) - "We have music for every occasion",​ "We still
 +have vinyl!"​),​ followers of the Beige Side of the Force. Killed with
 +his fleet of ragtag rebels in an explosively climactic battle, the
 +Empire uploaded what remained integral of Bobo's personality matrix
 +into his present-day body, a rather nice MitSony chrome humaniform,
 +model XLVMCCi9200b,​ fully modular, with a number of useful appendages,
 +accessories and utilities. Converted into a drone for the Empire,
 +Bobo rose through the ranks, intending to bring down the
 +multi-galactic company from within, with a devious and overly
 +complicated plan involving cheesy remixes of classic hits, but is now
 +a minor shareholder,​ and occasional member of the Board. Since being
 +infected with the decadent ways of the Empire, Bobo has become
 +addicted to backpacking and travelled much of known space, with
 +sporadic forays into the unknown.
 +Most of Bobo's time is now involved in breeding throroughbred
 +starships, from Spacecows to Warhawks. His ranch in the Mozzarella
 +Sector also supports a thriving eco-tourism industry. As a hobby,
 +Bobo occasionally genegineers innovative and critically acclaimed
 +grotesqueries for fun and profit.
 +===== Stories =====
 +  * [[A case of mistaken identity]]
 +===== Digressions =====
 +  * [[Horus’s Elbow]]
 +====== ======
 +Go back to [[Science Fiction Characters]]
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