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 +====== At the Sign of the Bear and Garter ======
 +In the seedier parts of the more reputable districts of the great
 +city of -----, there is a sign. The sign shows a dancing bear
 +dressed in the manner of a ballerina, and some account the public
 +house to which it is attached is one of the oldest and finest in -----
 +. The public house is run by a man of the name of Phineas, a large,
 +barrel-chested man with a firm grip and a firm manner. While
 +Phineas'​ beautiful daughter, Sally, sees to the customers in the
 +taproom, Phineas himself is accustomed to treating with rather more
 +distinguished guests in the upper rooms.
 +===== Games =====
 +  - [[The First Game]]
 +  - [[The Second Game]]
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