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 +===== Arabian Munchausen =====
 +Set between the Dark Ages and the Age of Reason in Arabia and nearby countries. ​ Tales are of high adventure with only slight moral problems (usually involving theft) - but the greater good always wins out, and stories should always have happy endings where the wicked are punished and the just are rewarded.
 +  * Instead of Nobles individuals can play as [[Sultans]] from various nations or terrotories. ​ While sultan may not carry the same connotation as noble with in the games scope it still puts them above others, and most indefinatly in a position of bragging.  ​
 +=== Character types ===
 +Characters are usually not nobles. ​ Nobles in general are either evil, nefarious or weak-willed and manipulated. ​ Either that, or the goal of a quest (ie marry the princess). ​ Names should be Arabic in nature (or pseudo-arabic) and the humbler the beginning for the character, the better. ​ When introducing the character to the location of the story, they may either still be humble (having given up whatever wealth or power they accrued in their adventures through altruism, or by accident/​misadventure) or they may be Nobles (outwardly, but secretly with humble origins).
 +=== Story Styles ===
 +  * Told in the first person in the same style as normal Munchausen . "It was then that I had the idea to use a clockwork horse."​
 +  * Interruptions,​ wagers and digressions as normal Munchausen. "But surely the Djinn of the East had forbidden all Emir of the Sultanate to dabble in mechanical devices?"​
 +  * Language used should be somewhat archaic, and you should not use any modern idioms or colloquiallisms. ​ Try to fit in as many stereotypical phrases as possible - offendi, infidel, by Allah'​s beard, by the Propet of Allah.
 +  * Stories should be in a quest format. ​ Certain conditions need to be met in order to reach the conclusion. "And that is how I won the hand of the princess."​
 +=== Question Types ===
 +  * All questions should be only somewhat fantastical. ​ There can be very few fantasy races involved, and they should belong to actual Arabic folklore - Djinn, genies, magic carpets, talking animals, sorceresses etc are all fine. 
 +  * If a question doesn'​t have a specific goal that could be used as a quest (ie "Why Abdul was forbidden to be in the presence of any Vizier on high holy days."​),​ then it is up to the storyteller to work it into a quest format, and not just finish the story when the question is answered (ie "... and it was because the princess would revert back to her normal shape on high holy days, that I was not able to have her present. ​ Any Vizier would instantly recognise her for what she was."​).
 +Go back to the [[Historical Settings]] page \\
 +Read the [[munchausen_lite|Current Rules]]
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