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 +====== A Short Digression ======
 +//In which the Duke and the Doctor discuss the duelling of Grand Viziers
 +and the uses of fish.//
 +The doctor turned toward the Countess for askance. \\
 +"​Milady?"​ \\
 +To which the Duke politely coughed in way of interruption.. \\
 +"​Actually,​ I believe it's Her Excellency (and of course, I am His
 +To which he continued to ponder in his way, vocally mentioning the
 +thoughts he dwelt on :- \\
 +"I couldn'​t find a reference to how one should address a Grand Vizier
 +- but it probably involves being on you knees and begging for your
 +"​Begging you pardon, your excellency, and thanking his grace for his
 +indulgence.",​ The Doctor turned once more toward Duke Peter, " I
 +believe the correct form of address for a Grand Vizier is "​Toby"​ - at
 +least it was last time I was in the Orient. (We were at Oxford
 +together, you see.)"
 +The Duke harumphed his displeasure,​ "What a coincidence,​ him being
 +named after the Devil! Obviously you met him before I had the
 +displeasure of dueling him to the death with a frozen haddock.."​
 +"Good Lord, sir!", exclamied Dr. van B_____, "That is no mean feat,
 +given that he had been trained by warriors of the fish-duelling tribes
 +of the Amazon, whose mastery of all forms of piscean combat is
 +unmatched by any in the known world!"​.
 +"'​Twas not entirely difficult. I had, of course, recently seduced the
 +queen of the Amazons and received the pre-eminant training in piscean
 +combat (amongst other things) as well.",​ the Duke looked abashedly
 +away briefly.
 +"As I did manage to keep my fish fresh and frozen with my invention of
 +the steam-powered gas cooling box, it came down to the superiority of
 +the weapon itself. Whilst I had my frozen haddock, he was forced to
 +use the local equivalent of a suprised looking catfish which decayed
 +throughout the duel. The Orient has not, as yet appreciated the value
 +of frozen fish, but prefer the fresh (and dare I say) uncooked
 +version. Damn foreigners."​
 +Nodding his head, the doctor himself turned his thoughts to
 +"This reminds me of a strange tribe I came across in my travels. As
 +you know I was in the service of a Spanish sea captain, whose exploits
 +are known to all and sundry. However, having become separated from
 +the bulk of the fleet, and, indeed, my ship, I was pulled from the
 +ocean by a short and rather scruffy chap who asked politely, in a
 +dialect of certain Pacific tribes, if I would care to be eaten. When
 +I explained rather indignantly that I did not, he sadly told me that
 +it was the custom of their tribe to only eat fish who consented to it.
 +However, not being familiar with the language of the sea, and not
 +wishing to eat a fish that was not so disposed, the tribe had all but
 +died from starvation. Happy to oblige, I taught him enough of that
 +tongue to determine whether or not a fish wished to be eaten, and
 +enough poor piscean poetry to ensure an affirmative answer."​
 +"But I digress."​
 +====== ======
 +Back to [[duke_peter_of_gloucester]] \\
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