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Cousin Curufea

Late of the Eleven-Day Empire

Last Scion of Faction Paradox 1)

He wasn't born with the name Curufea. That's the name he chose when he gave up his humanity to join Faction Paradox.

He was born on Earth in the 25th century and migrated in cryogenic sleep to a little town known as Razgon, on a planet in the Kepler-62e system. It was about this time that the Earth empire was experience android problems which finally led to the first of many attacks starting on June 2, 2411. Later this became known as the Orion War and ended when Earth resurrected the Cybermen in a last ditch effort to win the war.

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

  1. Character Quiz - answers to questions on his character, and how he relates to Lords of Gossamer and Shadow
  2. Prequel Story - events after the fall of the Eleven Day Empire
Bit of an in-joke, they've been completely destroyed with a sole survivor so often, that half the characters you meet are often the last remaining member of Faction Paradox. As they're time travellers, you could start a club of last surviving members
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