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 +======The Story so far======
 +=====The setting=====
 +[[..:characters:baron_alden_von_elbe_elster|Baron Alden von Elbe-Elster]] a reclusive noble eager to kowtow to any political wind to guard his secret (that of being a Mage in a repressive society .. ooooh) having proven this within the last 5 years by not supporting his Markgraf's son who was declared traitor while his more morally dubious cousin, Constantia took over the Mark. But then he's also cautious as he's getting on in years. He's in his sixties now and is fairly desparate to find a way to prolong his life. Hopefully live forever.
 +Which is why he went for the Wang. To be precise the Wu Shi Wang, the Wu Shi Wang Chian Tzu Kongzi Chen, Mage of the fifth Huan, Imperial Sorcerer of Kartar.
 +But Wang didn't show.
 +Start of campaign Game date - 5th of March 3250
 +  * [[Chapter One|Chapter 1: Where in the world is Wang (WWW)?]]
 +  * [[Chapter Two|Chapter 2: The Red Star]]
 +  * [[Chapter Three|Chapter 3: The Demonblades]]
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