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 +lit. God Natomy \\
 +Usually translated Mother'​s Promise, this is the Capital City and Imperial Palace of Kartar.
 +The Capital City of the Kartaran Empire has expanded beyond the historical bounds and is now a huge and sprawling metropolis of over 2 million souls.
 +Some parts of Pei-lei-gang pre-date the Kartaran empire.
 +In fact, some parts of the city and the palace pre-date Kartaran history and even mythology.
 +The verbal history holds that the first mothers of the Banbutsunoreichou slew God, finding him in the City only after battling his armies for three days.  Without a chance for rest, they then fought for seven more days, eventually destroying him.  Naturally, each race claims credit for the final blow.  Upon his death, a great and wonderful citadel that expressed all he had imprisoned grew within the city and the ancestors claimed this for their own.  They then rested for twenty-one days, each staking out a portion of the palace. ​ The Great Mother of the Torareichou claimed the smallest portion, but included in this was the hall that would become the Home of the Empire, or the Grand Throne.
 +The Smilodon remember similarly tales but claim their ancestor, exhausted beyond the others, for she had fought hardest and greatest, had fallen asleep before the others and been slain. ​ The Smilodon have a strange relationship with death so this mattered for only a matter of months.
 +=====Ny-shian Scrolls=====
 +...speak little on this matter. \\
 +  "Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu crushed All beneath her paws and All died.
 +  Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu lifted her sisters one by one and breathed life and their souls back into them and they woke.
 +  Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu slumbered then, hard and deathly, and her sisters, envious of Eldyerasnaayuu,​ banished her from the Body.
 +  Great Mother Aeinisaeletaiyuu will not be loved and held by this, and the Children will meet her again.
 +  ​
 +  And now the sisters infest God."
 Pei-lei-gang ()