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April 3250 - The Irolon Times

The Irolon Times
April 3250
Ostmark mobilizes
Margravine Constantia of Ostmark has been gathering troops to attack the Duke of Bayern. Many believe this to be her first step in a bid for the Duchy itself. She is rumoured to be mad and to hate birds.

It is rumoured that Constantia is working closely with certain controversial church leaders who have encouraged her to raise the army, however - they appear now to be asking her to do nothing with the army, costing the Margravine hundreds of pounds every day.

Constantia's army is said to be keeping busy as bird hunters.
Kartaran scout parties found
Small groups of Kartaran soldiers have been detected in the Horse Wilds. Speculation is that they are advance scouts for a coming invasion.
Mysterious death in the town of Kremmenberg
Execution style assassination of a guard for a wealthy merchant passing through the town of Kremmenberg. Locals suspect the merchant to be dealing in illicit goods and incited the hatred of the Guild of Thieves, notorious in those parts.
The Red Star comes
Red Star cults have begun to spread across The Duchy of Irolo, from one end to the other. If rumours are to be believed, other nations are also experiencing this phenomena - although cult behaviour differs in each nation. The more orthodox Brondheimians are claiming it as the herald for Ragnarok.
The Royal Astronomer of Ambria has said the Star has had children. At least three, in his opinion, have separated from it. He has also noticed that it is changing shape - occasionally becoming an ellipse, as though it were an eye opening and closing.
Visitation by Loki
Investigations are continuing in Alasrenoa concerning a certain wealthy merchant. One of Childeric Bandau's warehouses had a direct visitation by the God Loki himself several weeks ago, according the Hand of Odin. Childeric himself has not reported anything stolen, apparently that building was being rennovated at the time. The warehouse was destroyed.

March 3250 - Truth and Rumours

Sunday 24th July 2005 - Session 4 - Western Shores Campaign
Current Game date - 12th of May 3250
Start of campaign Game date - 5th of March 3250

Current location

The town of Prenzlau in Uckermark, a Barony in the March of Ostmark

Significant People

  • Landgraf Pharahildis Hesse von Hessenland und Rheurdt
    Ruler of the County of Hessenland
    His coat of arms
    Younger brother of the Duke of Bayern
  • Landgraf Johannes Josep von Liechtenland
    Ruler of the County of Liechtenland
    His coat of arms
  • Landgrafin Adila
    Ruler of the County of Nassauland
    Her coat of arms
  • Landgraf Willesuindis
    Ruler of the County of Wurttemland
    His coat of arms
  • Markgraf Auekin
    Ruler of the March of Badenmark
    His coat of arms
  • Markgrafin Constantia Recared
    Ruler of the March of Ostmark
    Her coat of arms
  • Herzog Ludoldus Hesse von Bayern
    Ruler of the Duchy of Bayern
    His coat of arms
    Brother of the Count of Hessenland
  • Grossherzogin Lorelia
    Ruler of the Duchy of Irolo
    Her coat of arms
  • Frieherr Bovo Minheim von Uckermark
    Ruler of the Barony of Uckermark in Ostmark
    His coat of arms
    • Friefrau Heldrungen Josep
      Wife of Bovo, cousin of Constantia
  • Freiherr Alden von Elbe-Elster
    Ruler of the Barony of Elbe-Elster in Ostmark
    His coat of arms

Politics of the Duchy of Irolo

The Duchy of Irolo is made up of 2 duchies, 4 counties and 2 marches (a march being a more warlike county because it is on the border). Politically a Duchy is higher ranked than a March, which is higher ranked than a County.

Each of these areas has a number of Baronies and other fiefdoms. A Barony being a fiefdom ruled by a Baron outranks other kinds of fiefdoms (which may be ruled by sheriffs, or controlled by the ruler of the county/duchy/march until they assign a new person to take over).

The ruler of the entire Duchy of Irolo is the Grand Duchess Lorelia. But the ruler of Bayern merely addresses her as Duchess.

Politics of Ostmark

The Markgraf was Theodoric Recared up until about 5 years or so ago, when he died under mysterious circumstances. This was just after the Bayern insurrection:-

Recent raiding by Dornican pirates on the coast of Bayern infuriated the Duke Ludoldus to such an extent he petitioned Duchess Lorelia to mobilise the Bayern standing army, and what navy it had to destroy these pirates.

Lorelia did not want to get involved herself and Bayern mobilized anyway.

Irolo yet again suffered a minor civil war when the other regions mobilised troops to stop Bayern from exercising independent sovereignty without Irolon legalisation. It was during this time of war that Ostmark failed its feudal obligations for providing troops and funds. The Erbmarkgraf and son of Theodoric Willesuindis Recared, was in charge of this (as part of his training to be the next Markgraf).

During times of war, failing to fulfil feudal obligations is a treasonous act, but someone notified the erbMarkgraf before the troops could arrive for his execution, and he fled.

The conflict with Bayern has stopped, the Markgraf died in slightly mysterious circumstances, and now his niece, Freifrau Constantia has taken over as Markgrafin. Rumours

The Weeping Prince, an unknown Elf of tremendous magical power was seen of the coast of Bayern recently, alone on a half a boat. High Priest Albrecht warded the coast in time, but the Prince was seen to ignore the holy barriers.

The Hand of Loki has been quiet in the Duchy of Irolo for quite some time now. There have been no new acts of heretical terrorism against the Church and State for well over a month now and people are becoming nervous. They are expecting something to happen ever since the calling card of Varin the Serpent was seen in Bayern. It's rumoured that this assassin was once a pirate and in league with the Dornicans.

Kartar is mobilizing. Several church seers which diligently watch the boarders to that foreign land have mentioned buildups of forces. They may start the Days of Death and Fire all over again.

Zylistan seems to be suffering from a series of civil wars. Better those lizards kill each other than look at us again.

The Church has once again brought up an Alchemist on heresy charges. The Hand of Odin (The Inquisition) has now increased the penalties for dabbling in longevity potions. Summary execution and damnation of the soul for tempting the Gods and defying their will.

Last year a dragon was reported to have flown over Irolo, in the Duchy of Irolo. The Duchess herself thought it was an omen, but at this anniversary date, there have been no further developments.

Last month there was a minor earthquake. No buildings fell down in this upheaval. But folk say the Gods did smite those of Ambria hardest. Especially in the north.

Halay steel has now doubled in price - very little is coming out of Zylistan.

The current predicament

There are various means of tracking things down that your characters will know of :-

Sages, Church officials/seers (the highest church official in Uckermark is the Patriarch of Odin), Private investigators, the Sheriff (Graf) and guards (The Graf of Uckermark handles most day-to-day legalities without bothering the baron.)

There are less legal avenues to explore as well. The town you are in is on the north shore of a lake, BTW.

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