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 +======Offscreen Characters======
 +=====The Old Character=====
 +In order to get a new character, something must happen to your current character (if it dies, see [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Character death|Character Death]]).  Characters can wander off and do stuff and may return later.
 +Things to bare in mind-
 +  * If you want your character to return you must write an account of their adventures between when they left and when they returned.
 +  * If you want your character to achieve some goal, there will be a price to pay.  Talk to me about this and an agreement can be reached.
 +  * XP will not be earned for that character while they are "offscreen" However perks, talents, powers, skills, characteristics or disadvantages may be added or removed depending on the above two points.
 +=====New Characters=====
 +''This is the same as [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Character death|Character Death]]''
 +Whether your successor character is a descendant, a revenging relative, or a completely different character who hangs around with the party because you misplaced all copies of your character sheet (shame on you) - or you died (one death is a mischance, more than one death - looks like carelessness ;-p)
 +A new character starts at the same points value (including XP, unspent or otherwise) as your previous character.  Minus 30 points.
 +New characters do not start with unspent XP, it becomes spent XP instead.
 +ie if your 250pt+5pt XP+ 10pt unspent XP character dies, you start with a 235pt character.
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