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Legendary Magical Items



{| | Helmawe2.gif | The Helm of Awe'' It belongs to Aegis, the God of the violent seas. Meaning “Helm of Terror/Awe”, and “Helm of Aegis”. It was believed to protect in battle by making the user appear more fearsome, or to make a stealthy approach invisible. It was also believed that the symbol would take all the negative magic directed at the wearer and send it back 24 fold. The dragon Fáfnir was said to have the Helm of Awe between his eyes/in his possession (depending on translation/interpretation of the sagas). According to tradition, the Aegishjalmar should be worn over the forehead, perhaps scratched or drawn on the inside of one's helmet. Its purpose is protection and “irresistibility” in battle, One could also draw it on one's forehead with coal, saliva or blood. The sign may also be viewed as a series of Runes, aka bindrunes. Thus enabling the user to design various types of Aegishjalmar for different purposes. An Aegishjalmar can be designed to enhance different attributes, but the terminations of the branches have to be constructed carefully to let some energy move freely and to keep other forms within the compass of the design. It should be carved in lead and pressed to one's forehead when expecting an enemy and then one will conquer him. Another source says that the stave is also powerfull against the tyranny of aristokrats, what today would be called misuse of power. The word aegishjalmar literally means “the covering or helmet of awe and terror”. This sigil gives you the power to strike paralyzing fear into the enemy. It is associated with the mythical power of snakes to paralyze their prey. |} ====Hildigrim==== Helmet of Thiðrek ====Shield of Nuodung==== =====Weapons===== ====Balmung==== sword of Siegfried ====Blodgang==== sword of Heimir ====Dainsleif==== sword of Hogni Made by the dwarf, Dain Must kill or taste blood when unsheathed before it can be re-sheathed again. ====Ekkisax==== sword of Ekka ====Gram==== {| |sword of Siegfried** Gram was the name of the sword that Sigurd (Siegfried) used to kill the dragon Fafnir. It was forged by Weyland The Smith and originally belonged to his father, Sigmund, who received it in the hall of the Volsung after pulling it out of a log into which Odin had stuck it—nobody else could pull it out. The sword was destroyed and reforged at least once. After it was reforged, it clove an anvil in half. See Sigurd for more details on the story of Siegfried and Fafnir. |} ====Gungnir==== the spear of Odin Made by the four sons of Ivaldi the dwarf. Returns to user, never misses. ====Hrunting==== sword of Unferth ====Lagulf==== sword of Hildebrand ====Mimung==== sword of Wayland ====Mjollnir==== Made by the dwarf brothers, Brokk and Eiti Lightning and thunder, returns to user, never misses, requires magical iron gloves to wield. ====Nægling==== sword of Beowulf ====Naglhring==== sword of Grim Made by the dwarf Alfrek ====Refil==== the sword of Regin ====Ridill and Rotti==== Magical swords. ====Sword of Freyr==== =====Ornaments===== ====Brísingamen==== necklace of Freyja Made by four dwarfs, known as the Brisings. ====Draupner==== Odin's Ring of Power Created by the dwarf brothers, Brokk and Eiti. The ring could create nine other gold rings =====Misceleanous===== ====Gjallahorn==== horn of Heimdall ====Gleipnir==== A magic silk ribbon of binding. ====Grídarvöl==== staff of Thor Given by the giantess Grid ====Megingjarpar==== belt of Thor Given by the giantess Grid Strength. ====Skidbladnir==== ship of Freyr Made by the four sons of Ivaldi the dwarf. Collapsible ship, fits in the pocket. ====Tarnkappe==== the Cloak of Invisibility

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