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 +======The Glorious and Eternal Empire of Kartar======
 +One of the great unacknowledged truths of the Glorious and Eternal Empire of Kartar is that the decadence and stability of centuries have created a stagnant and dying state. ​ In the great early days of the Empire, it would be unheard of for a slave to hold anything approaching an important position. ​ Nowadays, it isn’t unknown for a slave to hold a position just underneath that of major domo, effectively the second-ranked official of those not of the house but of the household.
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​KartaranRulers|Rulers]] of Kartar
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Kartaran Civil Service|Civil Service]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Felines Culture|Culture]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Kartaran Government|Government]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Kartaran Magic|Magic]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Kartaran Military|Military]]
 +  * Peoples
 +  * *[[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Felines Races|Feline Races]]
 +  * *Slave Races
 +  * *Subjugated,​ or Subject Races
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Peileigang|Pei-lei-gang]]
 +  * [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Kartaran Cliffs Notes|Cliff Notes]]
 The Glorious and Eternal Empire of Kartar ()