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 +======Notable Human Personalities======
 +  *  Grand Duchess
 +=====The Church=====
 +  *  [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Aeskil Ragnarson|Aeskil Ragnarson]]
 +  *  [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Baron_Alden_von_Elbe-Ester|The Baron Alden von Elbe-Elster]] - An elderly noble currently of no fixed abode.
 +  *  [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Thodric_Jarl|Thodric Jarl]] - A mercenary captain who occasionally attracts the attention of some odd people.
 +  *  [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Cadmus|Cadmus the bard]] - Well travelled, with connections and a ''​bon vivant'',​ if somewhat amoral, attitude.
 +Back to [[roleplaying:​hero:​ws:​Humans|Humans]]
 Notable Human Personalities ()