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Gods and Godesses Sex Brondheim Daria Ambria Irolo
Purity and Nobility M Baldr Baldur Balder Palter
Leadership and Poetry M Brego Bragi Bragi Bragi
Thunder, Lightning, Strength and Willpower M Thor Donar Thunor Thunor
Healing M Eir Eir Eir Eir
Spring and Rebirth F Eostre Eostre Easter Eastre
Beauty, Lust, Wealth and Gems F Freyja Fréo Fréo Fréo
Compassion F Gefjun Geofon Geofon Geofon
Guardian of the Bridge M Hallinskísði Rígr Heimdall Gullintani
Inspiration F Hana Hœnir Hœnir Hana
Witchcraft F Hegl Helia Helit Heil
Fame, Honour and Warfare F Hretha Hretha Hretha Hretha
Peace, Harvest, Livestock and Defence M Freyr Frey Fréa Freyr
Mischief, Misfortune and Fire M Loki Loki Loki Loki
Wisdom M Mímir Mímir Mímir Mímir
Nature F Erce Frigge Frigge Frigge
Sea and Commerce M Njordhr Neorð Neord Neorz
Sword M Saexneat Saxnot Saxnot
History F Saga Saga Saga Saga
Matchmaking F Sjofn
Virtue, Self Discipline, Oaths, Marriage and Contracts F Snotra Wær Var Vor
Forge M Welund Welund Welund Welund
Archery, Duels and Hunting M Ullr Ull Ull Wuldor
Fury and Divine Justice M Odin Odin Wuotan Wodan
War M Tyr Tiw Tiwaz Ziu


Most (if not all) adventures will be in Human lands - so I'm thinking of using traditional European Gods. There are Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic equivalent languages, so the Gods will be similar in name and possibly pantheon as well - culture & environment shapes language and belief.

This being High Fantasy, however, where the Gods actually do exist will change things. I do view the world of WS as being much more religious than even our middle ages. The incidence of more miracles would increase belief, and counteract the predictability of miracles (I think the randomness of miracles in our history has actually helped create mystery around the religions and helps their recruitment process. A bit like the lottery).

Now, I just need to look up lists of names.

One thing I don't like in fantasy settings, are gobbledegook names. I like names to look like they have a culture or language behind them - not names that look like random syllables stuck together with the odd apostrophe to annoy. The Turakian Age does this. The Elvish names for tribes are especially woeful.

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Norse and Germanic Gods

Anglo-Saxon Gods

[edit]Hmm, based on these things, I'll list my current thinking of the Gods. I will have to modify them based on the idea of “what if this pantheon was worshipped for thousands of years”. Changes will be made for established churches, rituals, different government and in general a civilisation of the old Norse Gods.

  • Baldur, Balder, Palter, Baldr, God purity and nobility.
  • Brego, Bragi, God of leadership and poetry.
  • Donar, Thor, Thunor, God of thunder, lighting, raw strength and willpower. A the place became more civilised, Thor would most likely become a less important God.
  • Eir, God of healing
  • Eostre, Goddess of spring and the rebirth of life after winter.
  • Forseti, God of justice. Possibly an old religion - replaced by Odin “Divine Right”
  • Fréo, Freyja, Fréo, Goddesses of beauty, love, fertility, governs human sexuality and eroticism, wealth and plenty, gems and precious metal
  • Geofon, Gefjun, Goddess of compassion. Sisters of Mercy.
  • Hallinskísði, Gullintani “gold toothed,”, Rígr, Heimdall, guardian of the bridge. His modern role will be as an usher to the afterlife.
  • Hana, Hœnir, Goddess of “divine inspiration”. I'm thinking a patron of artists other than poets.
  • Helit, Helia, Heil, Hegl. I think she'll be an outcast like Loki, and worshipped by Witches.
  • Hretha, Goddess of fame, honour, a warrior goddess. Possibly a female order of Paladins…
  • Ingui Fréa, Ing, Ingui, Freyr, Yngvi, Yngvi-Freyr, Frey, God of peace, fertility to the crops, livestock, and members of the community, god of defensive war.
  • Loki, God of mischief, misfortune and fire. Not likely to be worshipped :)
  • Mímir, God of wisdom.
  • Nerthus, Erce, Earth Mother - old religion, replaced by Frigge.
  • Njordhr, Neorð, God of the seas and commerce.
  • Saexneat, Saxnot, God of the sword.
  • Saga, Goddess of history. Libraries.
  • Sjofn, Goddess of matchmaking. A good reason to no longer have arranged marriages (if magic wasn't a good enough reason)
  • Snotra, Goddess of virtue and self-discipline. Probably an old Goddess, who was replaced by Var.
  • Var, Vor, Wær, Goddess of self-discipline and faith, oaths, contracts, and also marriage. I'm thinking monks and monastries. Or possibly the Inquisition. The Inquisitions job is to police the Church for heresies.
  • Welund, God of the forge.
  • Wuldor, Ullr, Ull, God of archery, duels, hunting and bows.
  • Wuotan, Wodan, Odin, The All Father and god of fury. Possibly now a God of Divine Anger now…
  • Ziu, Tyr, Tiw, Tiwaz, God of war.

ly now a God of Divine Anger now…

  • Ziu, Tyr, Tiw, Tiwaz, God of war.

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