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 +First written - Nov 27th, 2005
 +======GM's Session 8 Notes======
 +Back to [[Session_reports#Session_Eight|Session Eight]]
 +====Session 8====
 +First clue to the Ordo Custodes Laterna Veritas (OCLV) was planted - pretty much "go to this address, because what you find there will be interesting".
 +Also added a new group, the "Morgul" who want Thodric dead, and sent a group of assassins (only one of whom has tried so far, and managed to kill 4 guards) armed with Cloaks of Shadow, plate armour and magical swords with Autofire (possibly way over the top there).
 +  * Set the wayback machine to circa 6 years ago.
 +  * Mage Ludvig discovers what he thinks is hell, full of demons. Spends years studying them in his secret lab hidden in the capital. Eventually he summons a Demon Prince to talk to it - little knowing they aren't in fact demons.
 +  * The Tyranid Queen makes a meal of old Ludvig after stepping casually through all anti-demon wards.
 +Loki turns up to have fun and transports her away to trouble the Dark Elves, a particularly boring lot with no sense of humour.
 +  * The Morgul, the mage council of the Dark Elves discover that said "demon" is an alien, and will attract a rescue party.
 +  * Enter Constantia - High Mage of the Dark Elves to impersonate a human ruler, work her way into power, modify memories of those around her, and raise an army to fight the invasion. Not bothering with the fact that to get to power, she causes a PC's background (Thodric's).
 +  * That was plan B. Plan A is to capture and kill the Queen. Which kinda worked.
 +  * They managed to capture her, and found that she was great for creating all these nifty biological weapons and magic items. So rather than kill her, they kept her around as a living factory. They wanted to keep her around as long as possible, then kill her before her rescuers arrived. But again - Loki turns up (he's such a party crasher). This time with the fake McGuffin (wanted by another PC - Cadmus). Loki thinks it's more fun if the Queen is trapped within the fake McGuffin. He then gives it to Loki's Hand, the organisation that PC:Cadmus belongs to, and he in turn gives it to PC:Alden who stores it in his castle. Safe and sound until the Red star arrives. Oh well, Alden has had his castle for too long, anyway.
 +  * Meanwhile - Thodric turns up annoyingly not dead, and able to wrest power away from Constantia, who needs it for her army of human fodd*ahem* soldiers. So she sends out assassins after him.
 +  * Meanwhile - the OCLV point out the scene of the crime to PC:Alden. They will probably contact him later with "yes there is all this stuff on demons, but what interests us is where the summoned one is".
 +Back to [[Session_reports#Session_Eight|Session Eight]]
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