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 +First written - Oct 20th, 2005
 +======GM's Session 7 Notes======
 +Back to [[Session_reports#Session_Seven|Session Seven]]
 +====Session 7====
 +During Thodric's interrogation over being armed and near the Margravine during her attempted assassination, he was made to touch a magical gem that is used by the Truthsayers of the Church which acted like a lie detector. If at this stage, Thodric had decided to stop being laconic, and merely answer the questions about the assassination - and had used the opportunity to claim his inheritance, there would have been:
 +  * A full inquiry
 +  * people trying to hush him up
 +  * a court case
 +  * a confrontation with the Margravine chasing her into the dungeons and attempting to capture her while she was defended by **[censored pending player discovery]**
 +  * her escape
 +  * Thodric's rise to power, and he'd then have his own 50 thousand troops.
 +Those troops will come in handy when the Red Star lands
 +Back to [[Session_reports#Session_Seven|Session Seven]]
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