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 +======The Story so far footnotes======
 +=====GM footnotes for session six=====
 +The Dezenaka (high mass) of Loki, usually a small sacrifice to ward off bad luck at the end of each month. Mass ceremonies are not traditionally held by any legal order of the Church.
 +"Riso" is how I originally spelt it. But it's pronounced Rizzo. He's a Friar of the [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Orders#The Brotherhood of Cunradus|Brotherhood of Cunradus]]
 +And completely different to all the other tragedies and accidents that befell resident clergy in the castle within short periods of time after their residency.
 +This was purely intentional. In and of himself, the Seer isn't powerful or very immortal. The Gods just won't let him die. Ever.
 +See [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Orders|Religious Orders]].
 +Or may not, he travels on foot and in general PCs travel a lot faster. It took the PCs a week by barge to reach Havelland. However - He takes bookings and will do parties for reasonable sums.
 +Just to be clear, this is a DNPC disadvantage. Not "must follow plot whims of GM" psych lim. As that's a house rule and not worth any points.
 +Shapeshifters have trustworthy faces.
 +South leads to pirates, zombies and necromancers. The PCs assumed that politics was the lesser of the two evils.
 +Marquessa if you're French. Otherwise it's Markgrafin (or Margravine). Unlike the Baron, she isn't a Prominence either, she's a Nobleness.
 +Almost a metre, actually.
 +And masked.
 +=====GM footnotes for session seven=====
 +It was in fact the Ring of Woe - giving minus one to all rolls until it was willingly taken by someone else, or buried with the body of its creator. From Harn Encounters.
 +The body was placed where the Baron slept, after he had left, in the morning. The head had been placed where the Baron would have slept, while he was checking out the body, also during daylight. There were multiple heavy footsteps at both locations, but no one saw (or perhaps remembers seeing) the culprits.
 +Making the PCs nervous may in fact be part of their plan.
 +=====GM footnotes for session twelve=====
 +GM Note: Thanul ====== Feanor
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