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 +======Notable Feline Personalities======
 +=====The Imperial Court=====
 +  *  Huanghou Zhou Jinghòu Bing Hu- The Empress (Empress Jinghòu of the Zhou family, Glorious Tiger)
 +  *  Huangdi - The Imperial First Consort
 +Mages are ''Wu Shi'' and ranked according to circle or ''Huan''
 +  * [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Red#Red|Wu Shi Wang Chian Tzu Kongzi Chen]] - Mage of the fifth Huan, Imperial Sorcerer of Kartar
 +  *  [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Mi Shang#Mi Shang|Qi Yüan Mi Shang]]
 +Back to [[roleplaying:hero:ws:Felines|Felines]]
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