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 +======Dwarven Culture======
 +=====Dwarven Sayings=====
 +"​Constant rain wears away stone.":​ A dwarven expression indicating the value of persistence.
 +"Gold in the ground is yet rock.":​ A dwarven proverb used in the same manner as "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".
 +"His beard is longer than his years.":​ A dwarven phrase used to indicate that a person is wiser than their age would indicate.
 +"Never injure your pride by substituting your axe for a smith'​s hammer.":​ A dwarven proverb meaning "the right tool for the right job."
 +"​People die for wealth and birds die for food.":​ An Dwarven proverb that speaks to what is truly of value.
 +"The Gods look after fools, children, and drunkards... humans usually count for two out of three.":​ A Dwarven saying that expresses their general opinion of the human race.
 +=====Dwarven Superstitions=====
 +====On Luck====
 +Dwarves believe that to go three days without seeing the sun is a sign that good fortune is on its way.
 +====On Birth and Death====
 +Dwarves, who live in mountains/​underground,​ demand a burial in stone...that way the soul becomes part of the mountain and enriches the mining.
 +Dwarves hold elaborate wakes in honor of the dead -- drinking, singing songs, and telling tales of the deceased and his ancestors. The goal of a Dwarvish wake is to make enough noise so the gods take notice when a Dwarf enters heaven.
 +=====Dwarven Religion=====
 Dwarven Culture ()