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Translated extracts from Die Hölle

Tyranid breeds bienenstock

Tyrant, which is the bienenstock

Tyrant a large and solid efficient creature. It resembles a Warrior Tyranid in a similar way that the Patriarch Genestealer is a larger and more efficient Genestealer, although whether them were manufactured intentionally in this way or to a higher form to have developed, is uncertain. Like all Tyranids they seem fast able of mutate, and some different physical characteristics were reported. The bienenstock Tyrant is psychological in high of degrees, and its relationdemesne to the understanding of bee stick is more exactly than even that the Warriors Tyranid. Little admits for safe over complicated conditions between these creatures, but it believes something of the Morgül that the bienenstock Tyrants of the Consortverstand of the bee stick queen are, who forms the container of own collective consciousness of the bee stick horde. If this is applicable, the bienenstock Tyrants represent the understanding of bee stick completely, but its destruction does not decrease it in each regard.


Which admits the Carnifex as of the murderers Screamer of the Warriors of the Morgül because of the high Scream forms it, during it forward rushes and scything its razor-bordered killing, armed. Its solid, rounded body is extremely durable and has chitinous a skin, which protects it against damage and a form, which let it resist to enormous pressure. A Carnifex is developed a living machine of the destruction for use in the impact attacks, into which spacedemesne bowl activities and in accumulated battles, in which it can smash by nearly each possible obstacle whether it is hostile containers of a defensive line or an intensified position. The attack of these creatures is to behold terrifying: one primaeval and irresistible strength, the men and carriers aside like play goods childrens the ' smashes. Carnifexes are armed with four large Sichel formed grip arms hard chitin, bone and cartilage diamonds. The combined attack of these powerful Scythes is enough efficient, by even to tear up mithril and ceramite with Muehelosigkeit. Carnifexes have also the capacity, a form of the bio plasma in their intestine over Raspelnplatten in their Oesophagus to tighten the source of their high Scream. An magical field around the grip arms holds the white-hot plasma ball, until it is discharged at its goal.

Warriors Tyranid

The bee stick hordes Tyranid consist each house of millions of the realms, to the billions creatures: untoldtausenden monstrosities developed by the gushing Genoorganen of the reproduktiven area of the demesne. All these creatures are born, in order to serve the individual nature, which is the demesne, and which exists demesne only as part of the nature, which is the horde. All creatures Tyranid are held in a general psychological connection, which makes possible for them to serve as a social organism together. Individual Tyranids have no clear understanding such as humans and other creatures. A Tyranid fulfills simply the functions, which are assigned to him by the larger bienenstock understanding or overmind. The smaller mindless creatures are instinktiv unthinking and, but larger more complicated creatures can make decisions suitably them. The Warriors Tyranid is under the most important Tyranids. Only they are not large and efficient fighters in their own right, but they fulfill also a fishing rod role in the armies Tyranid. They serve the smaller, less sensitive creatures as the psychological Resonatore, strengthen the psychological connection of the understanding of bee stick and average its energy around them over. If to the Swarm begin the Tyranids, the Warriors Tyranid becomes the emphasis of the understanding of bee stick. How the officers, who are their armies marshalling, lead the Warriors Tyranid the few creatures into the battle and their troops refer to the determined stations in the larger plan.


Lictors straehne before Grundswarms Tyranid forms selecting the bags the hostile resistance which can be exterminated and native life to be up-sucked. To Lictors frequently refer of the Morgül as Spooks or Mantis Stalkers because of their unnerving behavior patterns and fight techniques. Lictors are intelligent and possess highly developed sensory organs, therefore they can see to smell to hear, and their victim for a long time it will before taste conscious their presence. They seem to be a specialist change of Warriors in Tyranid and a stalker /predatorrolle in high of degrees surviving hostile climates and are adapted. The Anpir Lictors separate one pheromone-purely, which draws other creatures Tyranid in their trace. A larger concentration of the victim energizes a stronger pheromone answer and gets a larger group of dragging Tyranids. Lictors are equipped well for employing with death a complete arsenal by bio weapon, which covers mantis like upper grip arms, venomous talons, Zufuhrtentacles and prick meat hooks. The Zufuhrtentacles of the Lictors is sharpened with sharpened knoechernen plates and used lobotomize victims, so that the Lictor can absorb their magic and immediate memories, by using its brains. The unusually efficient upper grip arms are bordered with fractal chitin and the untereren talons to have poison guidance to contain a deadly haemotoxin. The fleischhaken are the most unusual of the weapons of the Lictors. They are formed from carbon-created chitin with a monomolecular edge and attached out to the lengths of the unusually durable muscle fiber, which is set up between the ribs. The hooks are fired by a sharp Zwischenblechmuskelspasm and permit the Snareopfern of a distance Lictors. Also sometimes the fleischhaken are used as grapnels and to leave to Lictors vertical surfaces with large speed to classify. Lictors are covered with small chameleonic scales, those their color to shift and masers, in order to bring the relocating together of the creature. This mark Lictors extraordinarily with difficulty to soil excluded to very close distance. The body of the Lictors delivers little heat and it is for remaining completely motionless for days if necessarily able, therefore even energy and movement querying devices are entangled frequently by that of the Lictors unusual stealth.


Zoanthropes are possibly seen to the by mutation developing variation loads by Warrior Tyranid under the Swarms the strangest. Although they are considerably larger, than Warriors Tyranid are fragile their bodies and weak have, atrophied members, and their heads are thus very large and bloated that them after their frail bodies too largely look, in order to support itself. Zoanthropes seem to have been implemented, in order to use the maximum psychological potential of Warriors Tyranid and even seem to use psychological energy in order to animate their wasted bodies. Zoanthropes, for their whole seeming physical weakness, are lethal creatures. They use their psychological energies to defend themselves and to attack their competitors with ravening screw bolts of Warpenergie. Although they are in high of degrees intelligent Zoanthropes, are by its development in such a way sedentary become, there is it carefully by the understanding of bee stick be steered, which they stop, in order to conserve their psychological energy.


Although small in the size as much other Tyranids, the Termagant is, mobile deadly, fast, smartly and. It is generally called a hunter Hunter Slayer by the members of the Morgül protection. Those of the Termagants efficient Koerperswoops, which is low to soil for speed, and makes it possible to follow the narrow arterial passages of the bee stick demesnes. Like Tyranid Warriors and Genestealers he glittered six of member and chitinous an external housing, that with sticky isolation. The Termagant is symbiote with – human Warriorsanruf of the weapon the Fleshborer most generally arms. This strange weapon creature spits A root like Knoetchen, which after its goal, which hurl themselves manic Kiefer, which whirling and like a lively Apfelcorer would have been bitten. Its entire life energy is used in some short seconds of the destruction. Newer ones of report indicated increasingly diverse allotter of the symbiotewaffen, which is used by Termagants. Creatures include this new symbiotes also, which project constricting a net heater elements or fire razor-bordered knoecherne points at the high speed.


As the Tyranids overflow the defense of a realm, which they adapt fast the genetic casting and lebendmasse of each living thing in this world. As soon as all resistance was eliminated, the world is down stripped, in order to then expose rock everything its humidity, atmosphere and nutrients are up-sucked through the bee stick horde. In the output phases of these process millions of unersaettlichem Tyranid organisms are released completely over the world. They move over its surface, all this in their way multiplied and use and leave an empty and desolate wasteland behind them. Finally these organisms are absorbed and RH-developed by the understanding of bee stick, in order to accomplish different functions, dependent on the genetic castings, which up-sucked it. These organisms are extremely changed, but under the most general are those, which admit the imperial forces as decollators are. Decollators have zigzag bodies around half a measuring instrument in the length, which terminate in an expanded head. The main part split up by an expanded maw fully in sequence row extraordinarily sharp tearing up hooks and razor bordered knoecherne edges, which it uses to cut and tear from violent to organic affair up of. Decollators are energetic and persistent, therefore they are too down creatures draw many mark their own size rather able. Very large Swarms of the decollators is seen frequent on the battleground and to move at the heels of the attack forces Tyranid forwards.


Gargoyles are infamous winged monster, which are frequently the first parts of the Swarms Tyranid, which are seen in battle. They extend before the Swarmentweder flies in the brood or adhering the bellies of the large breeding mothers Harridan, as they flutter ponderously by the skies. Their primary purpose seems to select the enemy and terror and disorder among them. Thus fires and the flap of that of the Gargoyles ' membranous wings precede those hordes Tyranid and to drive the enemy out into the opened which can be absorbed by the Swarm. Gargoyles resemble physical Termagants in many aspects such as koerpermasse, head capacity and the configuration of their central hard glass. This probably forms it the fact that either both become by an individual creature are developed or the Gargoyles from the template of the Termagants ' was derived. Gargoyles have spread leathery wings and to rake grip arms and prick end pieces. Although they have six members, atrophied the lower pair to have too few more than stumps. Their Kiefer was adapted by a symbiotischen creature, so that they can sprizen flaming Galle in a considerable distance. Keeps in track this flame is used, in order to put fire and to burn the enemy from defensive positions. There is something view, whether Gargoyles fulfill a specific role on the bee stick demesnes - it was demanded that their purpose is, to destroy cancerous growth in the demesne with burning liquid and mark wounds with their expanded gear drives. It is more probable that it itself together into raised areas deeply in the intestines the demesne and hibernate like Warriors of Tyranid crowds. Gargoyles seem adapted to getting the terror and death so well-being, which are hard it, to imagine it still something to do.


Large Swarms of Hormagaunts will be inserted use the wave attacks against the enemy in the battle and used frequently to exhaust the defenders before the main attack is discharged. Hormagaunts are in their purpose of reasoning with their enemy and the Ausweidens them with their scythe like grip arms extraordinarily sincerely and forward jump independently of it the pain or injury. They are very fast and apparently indefatigable and constantly induce into restless Swarms, which seem, by nothing to be formed, but in Plaetscherngreifer and in ridged plates. Hormagaunts seem to be another genetic handling of the class Termagant. This bio form is more upright with the two sets of the upper members, which are equipped with well developed grip arms for tearing up and perforating. The untereren legs are long and efficient and stow away under the body, if in a state of rest strike the creature however out, around it in a set of jumping jumps as it forward of to drive above attacks are. The Hormagaunt has a simple digest-promoting surface and supports itself, by discharging body fluids from its victims. It stops only briefly, in order to draw in however there its metabolismus active in high of degrees it limited, in order to constantly select and attack fresh victims.

Biovore and spore win

In the land battles, Sporegruben vomited normally of maw a genetically adapted war animal, which refers by the Magos Biologis as the Biovore. This creature nourishes a clutch of the Sporegruben within its body, until are requested, at whose point it by efficient Muskelspasm of a dorsalen blendenoeffnung discharged is individual. While the Sporegrube is hurled by air, its internal gas bubble blows up and it swims down toward to soil-same, finally hangs on a height of around two to five meters and begins to float. Differently than its ability to discharge Sporegruben is the Biovore sedentary and compared with other creatures Tyranid nearly defenceless. Morgül sources underline that the Biovore has geerschienen only relatively recently in the bee stick horde Kraken of the activities fought.against. It is demanded that this creature represents the first emulation such as Tyranid of field artillery of the Tarantula or the Rapierlaserzerstoerer. In the fight the bee stick hordes Tyranid form for extensive use of the thousands of very large and swim Huelse-wie sporen, in order to protect the parent demesnes of the Swarm or to sow realms against their approximation. These driving cases are deadly pits, which move in an apparent occasional way, until its detonation is released by the proximity of a non Tyranidgegenstandes. Their explosive energy is extraordinary, view of requesting that they use a thermonuclear reaction and it from the resulting Shockwave however from the effect of the upper section fragment hundreds feet do not only add considerable damage over here. This “spore wins” unloaded also an attached shower of the poisonous viruses, the acids and the sticking on parasites, if they bring to the detonation and extensive secondary damage of their goals causes. Sporegruben are spherical and have an internal gas bubble, which lets them swim into the atmosphere freely. Sensitive Triggertendrils, which determine smell, vibration and other suggestions, dangle of their lower half. Their exterior consists close carapace, which is deeply counted of, in order to form it for rubble into serrated fragments. The acids, the viruses and other sticking on secondly vectors are stored in the bags within the Chitinoberflaeche, so that they become absent-minded, if them explode. The remainder of the Sporegrube was taken up with the cells, which a cocktail of the explosive chemicals contains, which bring to the detonation, if them intermingle. The forces Tyranid, those on worldary surfaces use fight also, a smaller version of the spaceefficient Sporegrube. These cause enormous interruption and damage, during them by the positions of the defenders float and frequently force them, the range together to leave, in order to avoid their directly threatening destruction. Sporegruben are released either and may drive vorherschenden draft of air or them become directly into the target area of an expert creature on Tyranid discharged, which as a Biovore admits is.

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