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Character Death

Starting levels for characters

A standard starting character for Fantasy Hero is 150 points (75 base + 75 from disads).

The current campaign characters were based on mid-level D&D (around 8th level) and came to about 250 points.


There is no resurrection. If you are brought back to life through some magical means - what will be animating the ex-corpse may appear to be close to your character, or may not. Really good necromancers can create the personalities they want to run the biological automatons. Souls/Minds disperse almost immediately into the ley lines when a body dies - ain't no coming back.

I should clarify there is one exception - Gods can resurrect themselves, but only because they are pure magic.

New Characters

Whether your successor character is a descendant, a revenging relative, or a completely different character who hangs around with the party because you misplaced all copies of your character sheet (shame on you) - or you died (one death is a mischance, more than one death - looks like carelessness ;-p)

A new character starts at the same points value (including XP, unspent or otherwise) as your previous character. Minus 30 points. New characters do not start with unspent XP, it becomes spent XP instead. ie if your 250pt+5pt XP+ 10pt unspent XP character dies, you start with a 235pt character.

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