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 +======Character Advancement======
 +=====Earning XP=====
 +Attending a session : 1xp \\
 +Completing a plot/mission : 1xp \\
 +Quote of the session : 1xp \\
 +  * Session Report : 1xp
 +  * Diary Entry : 1xp
 +  * Artwork : 2xp
 +  * Article that expands on the world : 2xp
 +  * Unique article over a thousand words : 5xp
 +  * Creating a nation (multiple pages) : 15xp (only usable for buying off disads)
 +  * *Nations still available - Zylistan, 3 in the other continent (Dog, Serpent, Elves), the Dragon nation
 +=====Spending XP=====
 +All changes to a character require reasons!  You must have training to get new skills, and practice to raise them.  New powers cannot be acquired except through exceptional circumstances.  Spells must be studied, learnt or bought.  Perks and talents can never by bought after character creation.  Perks may be lost during the game - the points are lost.
 +====Raising base characteristics====
 +Every two months game time a base characteristic can be raised or lowered.
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